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(27 customer reviews)

Introducing Chulbul Bunny’s Weight Gaining Cerelac – Nourishing Your Little One’s Growth Journey!

For 7 months+ toddlers & kids

🌼 Tailored for Toddlers & Kids 7 Months and Up:

Chulbul Bunny’s Weight Gaining Cerelac is carefully crafted to support your growing toddler or child. Packed with essential nutrients, this cerelac is designed to be a part of your child’s balanced diet.

💪 Benefits:

Our Weight Gaining Cerelac offers a range of advantages:

✅ Rich in Protein, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins, and Minerals

✅ Vitamin B enhances metabolism and provides instant energy

✅ Aids in healthy weight gain for your baby

✅ Promotes brain development

✅ Strengthens bones and teeth

✅ Benefits hair, skin, nails, and overall growth

✅ Acts as a good source of antioxidants

✅ Facilitates easy digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties

✅ Enhances overall immunity

🍽️ How to Prepare:

Making a nourishing meal for your little one is easy:

Step 1: Ensure cleanliness. Wash and dry your hands, and use clean utensils.

Step 2: Add 1-2 teaspoons of cerelac mix to drinking water.

Step 3: In a kadai, add 1-2 teaspoons of ghee. Pour the mixture of water and cerelac into it, and mix well.

Step 4: Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on low heat. Turn off the flame.

Step 5: Serve the warm, delicious meal to your little one.

Enjoy the smile on your baby’s face!

📝 Note:

  • Adjust the quantity as per your baby’s needs.
  • To cater to your baby’s taste, you can also add curry leaves, a pinch of asafoetida (hing), turmeric powder, and cumin seed powder.

Our products are:

✅ 100% Natural

✅ 100% Organic

✅ 100% Homemade

✅ No Preservatives

✅ No Artificial Colors or Flavors

✅ No Added Sugar or Salt

🔖 FSSAI LIC NO: 21523021001521

Stay connected with Chulbul Bunny on social media for more updates, tips, and recipes:

📷 Instagram: @ChulbulBunny

📺 YouTube: @ChulbulBunny

Give your little one the gift of health and growth with Chulbul Bunny’s Weight Gaining Cerelac. Order now and watch them thrive!

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200gm, 400gm

27 reviews for Chulbul Bunny – Weight Gaining Cerelac

  1. Mansi jadhav (verified owner)

    Khup chaan.. phaar tasty and majhi lek awadine khate.. tyache barech fayde hi ahet.. and weight gain sathi hi help hote..thank you dear

  2. Rajashree Makamale (verified owner)

    Khup chan ahe mast ahe mulgi avdini khante samel pan mast yeto heldi ahe

  3. Vrushali bhujbal (verified owner)

    Nice product… it’s very helpful for baby growth.

  4. Sonaliphatak

    Weight Gaining Cerelac khup mst hot maza baby la avdhal tyach weight gain on zal
    Thanku so much

  5. Jayu jadhav (verified owner)

    Khup chan ahe hey cerelac.. Maja pillu cha 1 kg weight gain jala 10 days madhe … Thanks tai for delicious cerelac

  6. Pranjal badhan (verified owner)

    Mi he cerelac gelya 5-6 month pasun maza bala la use karat ahe maza balah weight gain hot nwt hya cerelac mule khup chhan help zali

  7. Rahul Jejurkar

    very well

  8. Rahul Jejurkar

    vry well

  9. Ankita parte

    Khup Chan ahe he cerelac

  10. Mayuri jadhav (verified owner)

    Khup Chan cerelacs ahe majh Bal khup avdine khato🥰😘

  11. Pranoti Sawant

    Khup chan ahe product. Results are good.

  12. Akanksha Nitesh Nikam (verified owner)

    Ya cerelac mule Mazya Baby ch weight gain karayla khup madat zali…..Thank you for this product

  13. Akanksha Nitesh Nikam (verified owner)

    It is very tasty…baby like to eat this cerelac… it helps to develop weight ..thank you for this product

  14. Siddhi Aniket Deshmukh (verified owner)

    Wight gain celerc khup bhari product ahe Tyne majya baby ch 1 month mdhe 1 kg weight vadl ahe thank you

  15. Prerna mangate (verified owner)

    Khupch Chan aahe product….majha baby la khup awadto…. thankyou so much for this product

  16. Anupriya Kulkarni (verified owner)

    Its really good product thank you

  17. Archana Salve Kamble

    Khupch chan ahre he weight gaining ceralac.. Mazya balane khup awdine khalle ani pot hi bharate ya mul. Ani wajan wadhila hi madat hote

  18. Radnyee Pawar (verified owner)

    माझी मुलगी आवडीने खाते

  19. Prachi Mashere (verified owner)

    Khup chan product ahe, Ani tumhi sangitlya pramane me recipe banun balala dete… 7 mahinyacha aslyapsun dete ani ata bal 1 year ch jhal ahe. Chulbul bunnyche Pratek product me use kelele ahet.. ani ajun hi karte 😍

  20. Aadnya abhijeet bhoir (verified owner)

    First upon thank you so much ki tumhi ase product able ki jymule amchysarkhy gharat akty asnary mhnje moth vykti mhnun kunich nahi sangyala ki balala ky dyach kas dyach, pan tumchy mule khup help hote.🥰
    Wight gaining cerelac mule mazy balach wight tr vadhty pn to jitky avdine jevan kart nahi titky avdine tumche cerelac khato tyla divsatun 2-3 vela dil tri khail pn me morning la dete kiva kadhi kadhi eveningla dete… So thank you so much and thanks to your all product 😍😍😍

  21. Komal12

    Hello… Weight gaining cerelec khup Chan product ahe tasty ahe majhi lek khup awdinr khate khup healthy product ahe
    Chulbul bunny che pratek product khup healty aahet
    Thank you for this amazing product ❤️😊✨

  22. Vaibhavi (verified owner)

    खुप छान आहे हा cerial मी माझ्या मुली ला 7 महिना पासून देते आणि अजून ही देत आहे …खरंच आता च्या युगा मध्ये सर्व मध्ये काहीतर भेसळ असते …पण तुम्ही तुमच्या बाळा प्रमाणे इतर बाळा ची काळजी घेऊज प्रॉडक्ट बनवता खरच धन्यवाद. ….

  23. Janvhi Dere

    Tumche sagle products khup bhari ahy mazya mulala mi ssarlc dete tyamule tyache wiet kmi hot nhi ani ho bath ubatan mule mazua mulachi skin khup glowing ahy mla sgle vichrtat ky us krtata mg mi tumchi id badeal sangte dole band krun tumhi te product baby us kru shakta…..

  24. Pooja salunke (verified owner)

    Khup chan product ahe me sagle product use kelet Ani krte ahe saglya prod chi quality aflatun ahe Ani result suddha best ahe maji mulgi aavdine khate

  25. Nikita Rohit kandhare (verified owner)

    As name of the product actually works,This product help my child in weight gain

  26. Vishal Gaikwad

    Very Testy.. Bal avdine Khato, Ani Taste Sobat Effect Pan Titkach Fast Ahe Satisfied Ahe. Me Aaj Punha Punha Second Order Det Ahe.
    Thanks For Chul Bunny.. Efforts

  27. Pooja salunke (verified owner)

    Waight gaining celelac ha product tr aflatun ahech but saglya product chya quality la Tod nahi maji mulgi khup healthy Ani golumolu ahe baher gele ki saglyana tichi tabbet tichi skin khup aavdte Ani sagle ksli bhari tabbet ahe as aavrjun mhntat te bol ikun tumchi athvan yeti Ani tumche aabhar vyktkaravese vatat Ani manala ek veglch samadhan bhetat thanks a lot chulbul bunny all products are amazing

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